Oct 03 2013

hAPPiness in the classroom in just 60 seconds #App1

Over the next few weeks I will be checking out some great Apps that you can use in your classroom, yes you will need some sort of device to access an App but if you can’t afford a tablet or you haven’t got access to one then empower your students and set up the systems and frameworks to allow them to bring their own device. Each App is free and will appropriate to use in the classroom.

#APP1 – Animateit

Demonstrated with Windows 8 & Microsoft Surface

How to use it in the classroom?

This is so ridiculously easy to use, I created this short animation in literally 20 seconds. You just open the app, touch create an animation then either select the photos that you want to animate or point your webcam at something and press to take pictures. The app then automatically takes 5 images with a few seconds in between each shot for you to be able to move your object.

The downside is it appears you can only create short animations however this is a great free app that students could animate 5 key images that they have taken in a lesson or to create a series of stop animations. They could then loop them together to make a much longer animation.

I hope this has whet your APPetite and will create hAPPiness in your classroom :)

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