Sep 26 2013

What you put online will stay there forever…

Yesterday I sat in a good Esafety assembly at The Wellington Academy by @robjwood11, one of his key messages was to be careful what you put out online or actually what you get involved in that could end up being put online by someone else. The message was sent to the whole of Year 9 who listened and took note of this valuable lesson, as I sat there and reflected I didn’t realise that just later that day I would be the ‘victim’ of this myself. An old colleague of mine Dave who you may follow on twitter as @thegreatgar if you don’t then you should was for some reason going through what I like to call his #garrchives when he came across a video he created as a wind up to me following our great time in Zagreb at Microsoft’s 2008 Innovative Teacher’s Forum. It was a great event and an amazing professional development experience, for the first time we met and were chaperoned by Stuart Ball @innovativeteach, and perhaps more significantly for me it was the birth of the chicken alter ego!

Back at the time, I didn’t realise Dave was even taking these pictures, I was then surprised to see this video had been created a few weeks later on our return to be shown to the school community and even more surprised to see it appear online for the world to see last night. So it does show you that when you do something embarrassing like dressing up as a chicken in the office of the Prime Minister of Croatia years ago it can still haunt you on YouTube anytime. (At least he asked my permission!)

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One Response to “What you put online will stay there forever…”

  1.   Merlin Johnon 04 Oct 2013 at 8:19 am

    Magnificent! The hatching of a legend, and it was sooo effective in spreading the message about great, sparky CPD

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