Aug 17 2013

Scientists in Sport

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This is a fantastic website with lots of free resources for teachers to teach STEM.

Scientists in Sport 1

It is has been created by GlaxoSmithKline and has some great resources featured that you can use as well as some really useful video materials and interactive elements. I have got hooked on one of them which is very addictive called the reaction test. I could really see me using this when teaching certain parts of the Science curriculum but you could use it in any subject, at any age as a warm up, brain training type activity.

It tests hand to eye coordination and measures response time so students (and teachers of course) can compete to get the best reaction speed on the board. It’s free, simple to use and disturbingly addictive. It also interestingly works better on tablet and mobile and touch driven IWBs than through traditional mouse navigation. You can see my score below using my mouse, it isn’t very good, can you beat it?

Reaction time 2

The reaction test can be found here

The full site is here 

What do you think? Do you have any ideas how you could use these resources?

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